Professional Cleaners in Rochester, NY

Highland Maintenance Inc is a family owned and operated business that can provide your with the right cleaning solution for you!

Commercial, Janitorial, Office, Medical Facility & Flooring Cleaning Services in Rochester & Monroe Counties

At Highland Maintenance Inc, we have nearly 30 years of experience and 80 vetted and trained staff providing a full range of thorough and customized commercial, janitorial, office, medical, flooring, carpet, touch point, and disinfectant misting cleaning services. We work with you to develop the cleaning solution that is right for you. You can also select nightly, daily, or weekly cleaning schedules. And you can always reach us have 24/7 for emergency calls to address your needs and ensure your satisfaction. No matter the location nor requirements, we have your cleaning solutions!

Commercial & Janitorial Cleaning

Our knowledgeable team can create customized commercial cleaning plans for you. Our janitorial services will keep your workspaces, breakrooms, restrooms, kitchens, and floors immaculate. With both our commercial and janitorial services, your space will always look polished for visitors, customers, and clients!

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Office & Medical Facilities

Highland Maintenance Inc. will work with you to develop a customized cleaning plan that keep your space looking immaculate. A clean office can protect your patients, customers, visitors, and employees from germs and bacteria, reduce the number of employee sick days, and help your team stay focused on their jobs. Highland Maintenance Inc can help provide a clean, safe, and healthy environment.Our staff are trained to address the specific needs of healthcare facilities, including maintaining compliance with guidelines set forth by the CDC. 

Floor & Carpet Care

Flooring can contribute to your organization’s professional image. With the proper care, floors can leave a positive impression on visitors. However, dirt, dust, and allergens can quickly wreck that appearance. Our skilled staff can keep your flooring looking great with expert cleaning and protection that will restore your flooring and extend its life.

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cleaning elevator buttons

Preventative Cleaning

Touch point/area cleaning and disinfectant misting are preventative approaches to help stop the spread of germs among employees and visitors. We clean high-traffic surfaces, such as door handles, elevator buttons, light switches, phones, and computer keyboards. We also provide disinfectant misting, which disperses millions of tiny droplets of disinfectant to kill all germs, bacteria, virus, and pathogens in an area.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Every indoor space is different, including yours. We understand that your property has unique needs, and we develop a tailored cleaning plan based on those requirements. We work with you to create assessments of your space and develop the appropriate nightly, daily, and/or weekly cleaning programs.

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